Winterlore – Winterlore

Founded in 2004, this Utah-based Black Metal outfit have undergone a change of line-up since their debut album ‘Four Swords Against the Pious’. Leaving the band were guitarists Helgrim and Thorolf to pursue opp...

Heaven Below – Good Morning Apocalyse

I must admit I hadn’t heard of Heaven Below when I was presented with their album to review and all I can say to that now is, WHY THE HELL HADN’T I HEARD OF THEM? But let’s start at the beginning shall we? ...

Assemblage 23 – Endure (Deluxe Edition)

Those already familiar with the ever-growing catalogue of Assemblage 23 releases will surely need no introduction to ‘Endure’, which marks the eleventh album release from Seattle-based song-writer, vocalist &am...

Sonata Arctica – The Ninth Hour

Finnish power metal titans Sonata Arctica have been dividing their fan base since the release of 'Unia' in 2007, when the band moved from a straight up Stratovarius-inspired power metal sound to include more pr...

Interview – Eastdear Park

Eastdear Park are five down to earth guys from Gaithersburg, Maryland dedicated to a life of playing music. Music is what they each fall back on during good and bad times. They go all out at performances and lo...